Geometry Dash UNLIMITED
Geometry Dash UNLIMITED
Geometry Dash UNLIMITED

Geometry Dash UNLIMITED

An equal combination of DangerKat and Apstrom created the extremely challenging design known as Geometry Dash UNLIMITED. This is an Epic Easy Demon level rated 10 stars, bringing exciting challenges.

Throughout all game sections, there is a combination of vibrant sounds, beautiful backgrounds, and flashing images. Details are arranged haphazardly to disrupt the visual effect. Controlling the moving icon is really not simple. The transition speed through the levels is really fast, and the details also bring flexible changes. Each portal is designed with an equal level of difficulty, but all make players want to win. The game Geometry Dash Discomancer will be another option when you love this genre.  


  • The main color tone used, combined with flashing lights, creates a magical feeling.
  • Icon movement is extremely fast, so good control is required.
  • Many skills can be used while passing missions.
  • The background music used has a strong melody with each movement beat: Teminite & PsoGnar (Surface Tension).

How to play

Implement a good strategy to master control for the icon to perform each jump. Let it fall into exact locations without sharp spikes.

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