Geometry Dash Ocean Rush
Geometry Dash Ocean Rush
Geometry Dash Ocean Rush

Geometry Dash Ocean Rush

Geometry Dash Ocean Rush is a megacollab from Serponge that has a fresh ocean-themed twist. The performance level is Epic Medium Demon, reaching the maximum difficulty level of ten stars. Are you a fan of the pre-release Geometry Dash City Rush? This new game is the next sequel. It's easy to see the changes in color, theme, and atmosphere. Let's take a look at some of the innovations in this new design:

  • Gameplay: With difficulty rated at an absolute level, taking on the challenge will not be completely easy. Operations need to be sure to judge each action. Many arrangement and connection details can easily cause confusion when moving. The speed of the icon is, of course, not too fast but at an easy control level.
  • Theme: It is easy to see that most previous development versions often took space as the main theme. For Geometry Dash Ocean Rush, choose to exploit the underwater theme.
  • Color: Diverse colors are used in the design throughout each frame. The ocean theme is chosen so it is easiest to see the main color as blue. Immerse yourself in the natural background of a cool, relaxing tone. In addition, the details are meticulously designed, with many photo frames of underwater creatures.
  • Music: The exclusivity of each mix dedicated to each level is clearly shown. Noisysundae's compositions continue to use the remix name Bittersweet.

How To Play

  • Pay attention and observe every small detail. Don't let the background color of the block design fool the eye. 
  • Use appropriate methods to implement controls. 
  • You can use the mouse or the w, up, or space keys. 
  • Make reasonable choices in each situation.
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