Geometry Dash Input Code
Geometry Dash Input Code
Geometry Dash Input Code

Geometry Dash Input Code

Geometry Dash Input Code has a technological element with equipment such as software codes. Rockwizard5 has an effect level with a maximum difficulty level of ten stars. It is great to see a level that uses the usual impact of the Geometry Dash, Geometry Dash Lite, and Geometry Dash Meltdown version. The majority of the latest versions have a distinct modern look with a creative background. This level will feel familiar from the start. Take up the challenge with elements of the first level right here.

Differences in the game

  • Game effect: There is an up-and-down moving effect covered by structures and barriers. The lighting effect employed throughout the voyage forms a guide that regulates the moving icon. Furthermore, it is layered in practically every portion of the level.
  • Detailed design: The similarities across parts make the level cohesive in an unusual way. Using the term 'code' from cryptography, it is easy to see how the block strip resembles a series of combined codes.
  • Main color: monochrome, with some grayscale details used extensively throughout the tasks. Some pieces combine darker and lighter color hues for a contrasted look. However, the path lighting is the entry point to generate a more prominent highlight.

How To Play

  • When leaping, running, or flying, utilize the mouse as a jump button. Timing is critical for completing the level.
  • Keep an eye out for mutations that may impede your development. Don't let the lighting effects on the moving path distract you.
  • In ship mode, press the button to make your ship fly upward and release to lower it. This control is required to move through barriers.
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