Geometry Dash Excessive
Geometry Dash Excessive
Geometry Dash Excessive

Geometry Dash Excessive

Geometry Dash Excessive is the best level for the Epic Harder level, not only because of the look but also the gameplay. Alkali and Shig collaborated and created a product with a moderate difficulty level of seven stars.

Let's find out why this game receives high ratings for its gameplay.

  • 0–5%: Start the level with a cube, but the difficulty level is moderate for the player to approach. There are many block designs throughout, not arranged too thickly. Simply don't let the block fall on the spikes to successfully advance to ship mode.
  • 6–10%: this stage is really easy to get through. Simply press the keys to move up and down smoothly.
  • 11–100%: Reach the journey with the icon changing between a spike ball, spaceship, and robot. Jump over the points and don't fall on the spikes. Players experience bar lines of different heights. In these parts, there is no symmetry in the arrangement between the blocks. However, brilliant images are the highlight throughout the journey.


  • The game does not have too many changes to the icon, but the challenges are attractive.
  • All subjects can easily get used to it because the difficulty level is medium.
  • Square and rectangular geometric blocks appear frequently, creating space for movement and contact.

How To Play

  • he game is easy to control as you jump with your mouse.
  • In each mode, jump, fly, or roll to reach 100% progress.
  • There will be bonus points and coin collection to assist during the move.

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