Geometry Dash Darkest Paradise
Geometry Dash Darkest Paradise
Geometry Dash Darkest Paradise

Geometry Dash Darkest Paradise

Texic offers an intermediate level with a novel fairy tale theme with Geometry Dash Darkest Paradise. The harder level is designed at six stars for easy contact and task completion.

First, let's talk about the design details of this new design. Really simple and not too confusing. Easy controls for icons to move smoothly through space portals. The blocks have the appropriate distance arrangement to create the best jumping momentum.

Second, the main color: the main theme of the game is towards the darkest paradise. Make sure the main background has a fluid transition between bright and dark colors. This really shows off Texas's level of creativity and thinking.

Third, the main use of sound: the rhythm always accompanies each action of the symbol. Controlling players can easily feel this. Each intense dance step will see the change in melody and tempo become faster. The feeling of suspense and surprise brought by the game. There are many games related to the genre of Geometry Dash Lite for your reference, for example Geometry Dash Bloudeleuste.


  • Creativity: RohTop always wants to bring the best experience to players, so creativity is emphasized in each design. Texic delivers a really good version with a consistent combination of sound, color, and detail.
  • Synchrony: Here there is consistency in every detail; the sound and rhythm of the song match each other. Each color transition brings smoothness without being too surprising.
  • Difficulty level: Geometry Dash Darkest Paradise game offers an appropriate level of difficulty for any player at any level.
  • Artistry: You will definitely notice the amazing color combination in each scene. Each spatial portal provides a smooth feel for transition effects.

How To Play

It is not difficult to control the icon. Simply use the mouse or the w, up, and space keys for each transition.

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