Geometry Dash Capital Punishment
Geometry Dash Capital Punishment
Geometry Dash Capital Punishment

Geometry Dash Capital Punishment

Geometry Dash Capital Punishment excellently represents the modern design style of Friendsless and AudieoVisual in the Epic Easy Demon level. They had an interesting combination and delivered a perfect ten-star difficulty level. The game offers a lot of symmetry in block designs. This will increase the difficulty of controlling the moving icon. Let's learn about level differences together:

Regarding details, the two creators are actually very meticulous in this part. Embossed and submerged details are clearly shown and easy to distinguish. Besides, there are also small accompanying decorations to create a highlight.

Regarding color, it can be seen that the use of quite dark tones is the main theme. However, the addition of a color pulse makes Geometry Dash Capital Punishment even better. They are used effectively throughout the entire level, syncing perfectly with the song. The overall color scheme is really consistent and clearly shows logic.

Regarding sound, every step and every movement matches the musical notes. Flexible repetition and variation are suitable for each round of the level. Monolith is the theme song performed by Meganeko.

Some specialties

  • The game has a clear storyline throughout the entire process of bringing icons into action.
  • Combining high intensity with a truly rhythmic and unified song enhances the effect.
  • The design is a breakthrough, which is more creative in style.
  • Amazing gameplay, effects, rhythm, and synchronized movements of epic proportions
  • Good use of color, really special design, very varied and clear structure

How to play

Take the icon as far as the final level and receive a congratulatory icon for completing the mission. Be sure not to collide with sharp blocks or obstacles to complete the challenge quickly.

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