Geometry Dash Bonus Round
Geometry Dash Bonus Round
Geometry Dash Bonus Round

Geometry Dash Bonus Round

Geometry Dash Bonus Round is a Darwin GD level with a conventional style but exceptional detail highlights. Many pre-1.8 level artifacts reemerge in the Epic Demon level variant with ten stars and three user coins.

If you want to play a unique game that requires good abilities, this is the game for you. Many of the design problems are quite difficult throughout, with a high level of complexity. Color accents for block details draw attention to the background. Easily differentiate impediments from icon movements.

A few highlights

  • Level colors: Each round has a different color design throughout the adventure. Each scene is like a magnificent picture brimming with art. The intertwining of colors on a dark background creates a fluid space.
  • Obstacles: Arrangements between blocks and details emerge thick and numerous on a regular basis. Many portal destinations have uneven terrain. This necessitates good icon jump control abilities. With each beat, the joystick moves up and down rhythmically.
  • Boss rank: The grandeur of the boss-level rounds is simply amazing. The flashing light, as well as the frame color, are magnificent. The timing of the jump must be precise, and the jumper must have quick reactions to move forward.

How To Play

The game truly offers a fresh take on the classic-modern combo. Levels include varying gameplay, primarily consisting of robot stages synced to music. Asymmetric double parts are often difficult to play, yet Darwin did them flawlessly. Motion navigation plays rhythmic music while selecting clicks the mouse for each action.

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