Geometry Dash Arcade Rush
Geometry Dash Arcade Rush
Geometry Dash Arcade Rush

Geometry Dash Arcade Rush

Geometry Dash Arcade Rush is an Epic Harder-level design in classic style. This shows the uniqueness of the combination of Fury0313 and Tongii. It is easy to see today's younger creators bringing more detail and brilliance to their versions of Geometry Dash. Although choosing to follow the "classic" style is not outdated, squares, triangles, and rectangles are arranged according to a certain rule. The common point is to create obstacles that prevent symbols from moving. The block designs are neat, but it is the simple effects that attract attention. The effects appear at the right time for each move. Rhythm synchronization continues in this version. If you love the Epic Easy Demon level, you definitely cannot miss Geometry Dash Neon Thrills.


  • The cogs are mixed with amazing block designs and structures.
  • The correct color scheme represents the true nature of the name, Geometry Dash Arcade Rush.
  • If you are familiar with the usual gameplay, take on this interesting challenge.
  • The song was written specifically for the version called Arcade Punk by Waterflame.
  • The difficulty level belongs to Epic Harder, rated seven stars and three coins.

How to play

  • Operate for moving icons with the w, up, space, or mouse keys.
  • Take the character through space portals and get acquainted with each transition.
  • Sharp spikes and detailed blocks should be avoided.
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