Geometry Dash Albedo
Geometry Dash Albedo
Geometry Dash Albedo

Geometry Dash Albedo

Geometry Dash Albedo creates a bright atmosphere with the colors and flashing lights of the Easy Demon level. Akinawoo created the dark background scene as the main motif for this ten-star maximum difficulty level design.

With each level in this fast-paced game, there is a lot to discover. Only when you start playing can you really feel it. However, the control task must be completed in order for the sign to successfully overcome obstacles. Take proper action in scenarios such as sprinting, jumping, rolling, or levitating.

What makes it unique?

  • Concerning images: It will completely overwhelm participants in the scene by shifting between light and darkness. Every passing movement illuminates the frame against the dark background. Visual effects that are quite overwhelming. Flashing neon lights enhance the visuals.
  • In terms of speed: There is a nice balance of quiet and rapid points. Because the traveling space's distance is not uniform, the slope necessitates varying moving speeds. The areas of the wave that are visible have the fastest speed. When the player is in command, the level of transition will be appropriate and unsurprising.


  • The dynamic modification of the icon when reaching each successive stage is obvious.
  • The artistic framing of the light highlight when the sign moves at that instant is magnificent.
  • When attempting the task, the ten-star difficulty level is guaranteed to deliver the finest experience.

How To Play

Controlling the moving icons in each gate is really easy. Adaptation and quick reflexes will be crucial to your success. When leaping a standard path, click the mouse to achieve balance.

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