Geometry Dash Acquiesce
Geometry Dash Acquiesce
Geometry Dash Acquiesce

Geometry Dash Acquiesce

OasisX created Geometry Dash Acquiesce, an insane eight-star level. Throughout the level, it is easy to see the magic of color brought to each space. The main theme is easily the artistic combination of magical purple and flashing light.

First, let's talk about speed. With the design purpose of increasing the difficulty of the level, the movement of the icon is really fast. Each step of movement needs to determine the exact position to make contact. Each range of motion is not too large but contributes to a more advanced challenge.

Second, the design of the blocks and details. It is actually a lot, and there's a mixture of different large and small blocks. The sharp spikes are many and arranged in interwoven positions with geometric shapes. The meticulousness in every detail shows the developer's dedication.

The stuff, sound, and colors are truly stunning. The spookiness of using a dark background combined with music enhances the mystery. Players are easily led by the melody and get lost in the feeling of wanting to conquer the journey. As we move forward, it is easy to see the highly personalized nature of the color scheme. Experience another hot game in the arcade collection Geometry Dash Meltdown.


  • Creativity: The game focuses on details and brings a level worth conquering.
  • Color synchronization: The colors used are not too many but really impressive. Fanciful elements bring art to each scene.
  • Style: Notice the modernity of young designers. Every detail is clearly depicted using block design.

How To Play

Choose tools that are convenient to use in controlling running, jumping, or flying action blocks. Players can choose one of the following four ways: using the mouse, the w key, the up key, or the space key.

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